Quality Assurance

We’re the cream of the crop. We have a unique systematic process to determine that our products and services meet your requirements. We establish and maintain these requirements for developing reliable products.


Service Oriented

We do not just build software for your business but here to offer you the best possible service. Even after the Software is delivered we’re committed to render our Services and offer technical support till you translate the software into business success.


Value for Money

Crown Deluxe understands the value for money whether you are a Start-up or Conglomerate when it comes to your business. We offer Life-time Licensing plan and cloud-based Service plan

When you partner with Crown Deluxe International Business Co. it is for the long term – a partnership based on trust, growth and commitment. By joining Crown Deluxe, Partner Programme you will be working with one of the leading e-loading company and other products services who will take the time to understand your business and offer you instant benefits.

In this fast and rapidly changing world, creativity and resourcefulness go a long way in helping you earn more. .

Keep your eyes open for these opportunities, and you’ll find ways to increase your income and improve your lifestyle with your family.


Become a Distributor

All Net Load. Smart, Globe, and Sun subscribers, sell retailers card code, co-dealers kit and earn transfer load wallet to retailers and earn from crown deluxe platform and many more!


Become a Deluxe Supplier

Invest in technology. All Net Load. Smart, Globe, and Sun subscribers, sell retailers card code, co-dealers kit and earn transfer load wallet to dealers and retailers and earn profits from crown deluxe platform and other product services.


Become a Franchise Owner

Besides the convenience of using your own mobile sim, using Crown Deluxe system to run your loading center business gives you more profits per member transactions in your area.


Act now! Make your dreams your new reality!
Start your own business and Earnings today!



To bring immeasureable business opportunities and livelihood to people, to develop our distributors into pillars of success in entreprenurial skills and to create wealth that would ensure a better future for our individual members and business partners.



To be the leader in providing affordable e-loading and prepaid services, unmatches innovation and quality distribution of other health products to the Filipino entreprenuers worldwide and to become one of the leading direct sales company in the world



Teamwork, Excellence, Honor, God-fearing, Integrity, Fidelity and Trustworthy

We are guided by our core values to ensure customer care and satisfaction, and goal oriented culture among all our distributors, directors, stake holders and employees.

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